About SAPO


SAPO Trust is a Business Trust organization serving 5 Deciduous fruit industries

We are a plant improvement organisation with a core focus on virus-free plant material with a high phytosanitary status and compliant to the rules and regulations for certified plant material. We are actively involved in plant genetics and manage more than 350 varieties for more than 40 local-and international Plant breeder organisations in South Africa. We have a modern ISO 17025 Plant Pathology laboratory and maintain more than 400 different varieties at our Head offices in Stellenbosch. In short, SAPO Trust provides a full suite of Plant improvement services. 

Our key markets are the South African deciduous fruit industries which also constitutes the shareholders of our organisation.

Our organisation has been founded in 1974 and has a proud history in its field of expertise. We have strong relations with the international plant improvement community and continues to evolve with the times.

Vision & Mission

Cultivating Future Growth
Our Vision is to be the preferred fruit plant material provider to the deciduous fruit industry.
Our Mission is to develop a comprehensive range of virus free plant material that can be supplied cost effectively to the fruit industries in South Africa.

Board of Trustees

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Our Customers

Our customers range from nurseries, growers, plant breeder organizations and intellectual property owners.


Customers can engage SAPO Trust on specific needs to support their business strategy – we are an agile organisation.
Moreover SAPO Trust engage with a wide range of stakeholders in both the private and public sectors. These include among others government sectors, academia, research institutions, etc