Nursery Services


Bud wood Park, Rootstocks, Customized Tree Orders

This service includes serve as a bud wood “factory” for contracted nurseries. Trees are provided for specific customized orders. Industry rootstock and evaluation trees are propagated at Tygerhoek premises for further testing in trails.

Our nursery is situated near Riviersonderend, approximate 180 kilometers from Cape Town and operates on 3 different premises.

Scope of Services

We are responsible for the multiplication and production of certified phase three, contracted trees, trees for foundation and mother blocks and rootstocks to the fruit industry. Each year we have approximately 2 000 graft combinations of cultivars on different rootstocks that we propagate mainly for pome- and stone fruit trees.

Selection of best quality plant material according to specifications: The multiplication and production of the trees is according to the rules and regulations of the South African Plant improvement Act and Plant Certification scheme.

Our Product Range



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Rootstock Varieties



  • Atlas
  • Flordaguard
  • Guardian (BY520)
  • GF677
  • SAPO778
  • Viking
  • Marianna
  • Maridon
  • Bogdany
  • GiSelA®6
  • GiSelA®12
  • Mahaleb
  • Victor®


  • Geneva® 202
  • Geneva® 222
  • Geneva® 228
  • Geneva® 778
  • M7
  • M9
  • M793
  • MM109
  • BP 1
  • BP 3
  • OHXFD 40
  • OHXFD 97
  • Quince A
  • Quince C51