Royal 3

Tree Characteristics

Chilling requirement High
Vigour Moderate
Growth habit Semi-upright
Crotch angles -
Tree size -
Flowering -
Full bloom 1st week September
Flower shape -
Pollen compatibility -
Bearing habit -
Disease susceptibility (Normal sprays) -


Pollinator -
Fruit set -
Blossom or fruit -
Intensity of flowers -

Fruit Characteristics

Harvest date (first pick) 2nd week December
Control cultivar -
Production (kg/tree) Reasonable to good
Fruit size distribution 45g
Shape Round-oblate
Skin colour Orange-yellow with green suture
Flesh colour Orange-yellow
Eating quality Very good
Texture Soft and melting
Storage ability Good for 4 weeks at -0.5ºC


Released to industry Yes
Fruit type
Selection No -
Usage Fresh and Drying
Origin USA
Owner -
S.A. License SAPO Trust
PBR Granted No Royal name always in associated with another
Royal 3
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