Southern Belle


Tree Characteristics

Chilling requirement Medium (400-600)
Vigour Moderate
Growth habit Semi-Upright
Crotch angles Medium
Tree size Medium
Flowering 3rd Week of September*
Full bloom 4th Week of September*
Flower shape Rosaceous
Pollen compatibility Self-Incompatible
Bearing habit On both spurs and shoots
Disease susceptibility (Normal sprays) Normal to High


Pollinator Laetitia, Songold
Fruit set Moderate
Blossom or fruit Fruit
Intensity of flowers High

Fruit Characteristics

Harvest date (first pick) 4th Week of February*
Control cultivar Ruby Sun
Production (kg/tree) Good (20kg)
Fruit size distribution Count AA-AAA
Shape Round
Skin colour Black
Flesh colour Yellow
Eating quality Good
Texture Melting
Storage ability Good at both single and dual temperature


Released to industry Yes
Fruit type
Selection No -
Usage Fresh
Origin Zaiger Genetics, USA
Owner -
S.A. License SAPO Trust
PBR Granted Yes
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