Bigbucks – Flash Gala™ fresh feedback


With over a quarter of a million trees already purchased, Bigbucks, the improved Corder Gala apple strain, is now the most successful new variety in terms of orders placed in the history of the South African Plant Improvement Organization since launch date.

Named after Buks Nel, Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing’s New Variety Expert, and a fruit industry veteran, Plant Breeder’s Rights were awarded to Bigbucks’ owners, Pink Vein (Pty) LTD. That company comprises Buks Nel, Derek Corder, the grower who discovered Corder Gala, and Anthony Rawbone-Viljoen on whose Oak Valley Estate the strain was found.

Now, after a lengthy process of name selection, a brand name for the fruit is confirmed. Today, FLASH GALA ™, the trademarked fruit of Bigbucks trees, joins other global topfruit brands such as Pink Lady, the improved Cripps Pink strain and is poised to disrupt the global fresh fruit industry.

The FLASH GALA ™ is 80-100% wine-red blush with no striation. Currently 138 bins have been packed at Two-a-Day in Grabouw at a confirmed packout of 89.45% and the total Class 1 packout is 94.27% which is outstanding. While, at Ceres Fruit Growers, 26 bins were delivered at a 93% packout, especially notable as the region suffered from hail which damaged fruit.”

The biggest volume of FLASH GALA ™ apples this season was distributed by Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing, mainly sold locally and exported to China, Malaysia, Far Eat, Middle East, Africa and India.

And, while export clients in the Far East who especially like full-red apples are pleased, the success in the local market is particularly encouraging to the Bigbucks Grower’s Association. Chairman Calla du Toit, himself a grower and Tru-Cape’s Procurement Manager, explains: “As an early Gala, Bigbucks and its fruit FLASH GALA ™ fills a much-needed gap in supply from early February until the other full-red varieties come to fruition. The fact that they can be picked in one or two goes, is a major plus for the grower.”