SAPO Trust Laboratory hard at work


SAPO Trust’s laboratory is currently hard at work testing stone fruit, pome fruit and grapevine samples for various viruses.

Spring is the optimal season for testing for a large variety of viruses.  This is due to viral loads increasing during spring for certain viruses, ensuring easier detection.

Viruses currently tested for by our laboratory are amongst others as follows:

  • Prune Dwarf Virus (PDV)  (Stone fruit)
  • Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus (PNRSV) (Stone fruit)
  • Apple Mosaic Virus (ApMV) (Stone and Pome fruit)
  • Apple Chlorotic Leafspot Virus (ACLSV) Stone and Pome Fruit
  • Apple Stem Grooving Virus (ASGV) Pome Fruit
  • Apple Stem Pitting Virus (ASPV) Pome Fruit
  • Grapevine Fanleaf Virus (GFLV) Grapevines

Producers, technical advisors or any person with interest in these and other virus tests, are welcome to contact our laboratory should you require further information. We will gladly assist with your needs.

For enquiries, please contact Sophia Malan at 021 887 6823 or